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DIY Backyard Traditional Paper Marbling - Online - 27th March 2022 (9.30- 12.30pm)

$12.00 - $350.00

Image of DIY Backyard Traditional Paper Marbling - Online - 27th March 2022 (9.30- 12.30pm)
  • Image of DIY Backyard Traditional Paper Marbling - Online - 27th March 2022 (9.30- 12.30pm)

The marbling experience you have been waiting for! Now available to you right in your own home. Conveniently choose to have everything you need sent to you or pick and choose for yourself.

Marble anywhere! You don't need a back-garden, a balcony or kitchen top will do.

This workshop will be delivered through video, instruction sheet and live zoom class.
Traditional Marbling shall be taught, beginning with making your own size. You will learn to mix up paints and Isabelle will demonstrate step-by step, 10 different marbling patterns for you to easily try.

We shall marble on paper only.

The video shall demonstrate:
Making your size
Making your own marbling combs

Live workshop on the day shall demonstrate:
Paint mixing and troubleshooting
Step-by-step guide to 10 marbled patterns

Date: 27th March 2022
Time: 9.30- 12.30pm

'Deluxe workshop with materials' gives you everything in your kit plus the extras, as well as free postage anywhere in Australia.
This set of materials provide you with enough size for two marbling sessions. You can use half for the class and save the other half to make later for further practice.

What you get when you order workshop with materials:
Carrageenan Powder 60g & Alum 40g (enough for two sessions)
Marbling tray
50 sheets of paper
Book board
Jumbo Sponge

Extra (this pack is included if you purchase the workshop with materials):
Standard Gouache 18 set plus extender
Jars for paints 12 set 100ml each jar
8 x glass droppers
Mini paint brushes set of 10
Handmade bristle bunches set of 4
A pail with lid 5L and small pail with lid 1L

Club member who has taken a FULL Traditional Marbling course (not a taster class) with us before, can join us for fun or refresh your technique for $75. Purchase what you need individually.

Extra kit - order below:
Carrageenan Powder 60g and Alum 40g kit = $30.00

Things you need to gather yourself:
Handheld blender stick (Kmart have them for $10)
Plastic table covering
Table to work on
Hanging line of some sort
Newspaper strips

Should you choose to gather your own tools and materials, you will be expected to have everything on the list, or improvise at your own responsibility.
Please ensure that all tools and materials are on hand within easy reach during the workshop.

This workshop is for anyone with an interest to get started in marbling.
This workshop booking is for one person only. Additional participants must book in individually, regardless of household arrangement or age.

No refunds for Online workshops once materials have been sent out. A Video shall be sent out one week before class and a Zoom link shall be sent out to you a few days before. We shall start gathering students 10 minutes before the workshop. Lateness shall not be accommodated.

Workshop written and delivered by Isabelle McGowan © 2020 Isabelle McGowan. All rights reserved.