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Level 2 - ORPHEUS - 25th & 26th April 2020 (waitlist)

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ORPHEUS - Bookbinding with Leather
TUTOR: Isabelle Ting McGowan
DATES: 25th & 26th April 2020 - TBC
COST: $290

You must have completed our Bookbinding course for beginners and Level 1 workshop.

Other Information:
Good eye/hand coordination and good dexterity are necessary for this course as sharp knives are used in the cutting of board and paper.
You will be shown correct procedure in the use of these tools but good co-ordination will assure accurate cutting and prevention of injury.
Closed in shoes MUST be worn at all times.

Course description
The case binding is a way of making books whereby the cover (the case) is made separately from the text block and then attached to it. This course teaches the rudiments of making books by hand and prepares you for working with leather. It will provide you with all the techniques needed for refining these skills.

Course content
You will be taught to use a variety of tools and materials and how to apply them to the construction of your book. By the end of this class, you will learn skills fundamental to binding a hard cover book with leather.

Learning outcome:
By the end of this course you should be able to:
• Section sewing on tapes to make a book block
• Rounding and backing your book block
• Be introduced to leather paring, then covering your book with leather in quarter bound style (with corners) and casing in.
• Create raised bands
• Blind tooling and finishing techniques

All materials and tools are supplied at the Bindery
For those who would like to work with an alternative material to leather, Good quality Library Buckhram and/or Vegan leather shall be provided.

Workshop written and delivered by Isabelle Ting McGowan © 2018 Isabelle Ting McGowan. All rights reserved.