Make a Sketch Book


TUTOR: Isabelle Ting McGowan
DATES: Private Booking ONLY
TIME: 9.30 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. (1 day workshop)
COST: $200
Class size: Maximum 4 students

Course description:
Learn how to make beautiful handmade sketchbooks for either your own personal use as a journal, sketch-book or notebook; or give them as a much appreciated gift to a loved one. A perfect and unique present at any time of the year.

Course content:
This course is suitable for beginners to those with some bookbinding experience. You will be introduced to traditional bookbinding techniques - grain direction, paper cutting, folding, sewing pages together and creating hard covers. Smooth artist grade paper will be used to make the book insert and Buckram for the book cover. We have lots of colours to choose from so you'll be able to personalise your book. Isabelle will lead each workshop, taking you through various techniques stage-by-stage, as well as responding to digressions and any queries.

You will create a handmade book Traditional Botanical style sketchbook using artist grade paper, specialist book cloth and beautiful decorative papers.

Learning outcome:
By the end of this course you should be able to:
• Sew book sections together to make a book block
• Create hard covers
• Go home with a beautiful handmade books and learn skills you can repeat over again.

All materials and tools are supplied

Keeping a Sketchbook
• A sketchbook is a working document, a set of visual notes. It is a personal document that is a learning and recording tool.
• Sketchbooks are not just for drawing practice but can be used for writing down inspirational ideas when they arise, filing snippets of useful information, organization and a myriad of other functions that are purely for personal use.
• As time passes you will end up with a collection of sketchbooks that act a record of your design life, a diary of design experience. As well as charting how your drawing improves over time, a sketchbook is a record of ideas that you may wish to return to for future projects.
• Never worry about the mistakes; enjoy the sketches you are please with. Include written notes, diagrams and anything else that will help you to remember experiences.

Workshop written and delivered by Isabelle Ting McGowan © 2018 Isabelle Ting McGowan. All rights reserved.