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ORION - Concertina Star Carousel - 25th March 2020


TUTOR: Isabelle Ting McGowan
DATES: Wednesday 25th March 2020
TIME: 9.30 -3.30
COST: $150

Ideal for:
All levels of bookbinders and Artists.

Course description:
The "carousel" or "star" book is a multi-layered accordion book that challenges binders and artists to design three dimensionally. It can be viewed section by section and also opened fully to create a book in the round.

This book format was first produced in the 1930’s, mainly for souvenirs or novelties and children’s books.

Course content:
This two-day workshop will introduce the methods for constructing a multi-layered accordion book, bound together to create layered stage-like pages. These pages are perfect for developing with imagery around a theme or text. Paper cut-out technique will be introduced to illustrate your chosen narrative.

Learning outcome:
• Learn a creative structure and learn to think three dimensionally
• Learn to make layered cut-out technique creating stage like pages
• Get creative with your chosen theme/narrative, illustrating them with layered cut-out technique to create stage like pages
• Here is your chance to make books with an eye-popping, sculptural aesthetic.
• A great class for teachers, artists, and graphic designers.

All materials and tools are supplied at the Bindery


Workshop written and delivered by Isabelle Ting McGowan © 2018 Isabelle Ting McGowan. All rights reserved.