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Paper Marbling Kit

$5.00 - $200.00

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This is a kit ONLY no class, no instructions!

Deluxe Package (items with prices can be ordered individually) enough for two session fo marbling with a A4 size tray:
Carrageenan Powder 60g
Alum 40g
Marbling tray
50 sheets of paper
Book board
Jumbo Sponge
Extender $5
Standard Gouache 18 set plus extender = $25
Jars for paints 12 set 100ml each jar = $24
12 x glass droppers $12
Small brushes pack of 12 = $10
Bristle bunches set of 4 = $10
Two pails with lid that holds 5L & 1L of water $20

Email for any other specialist materials and tools.

Please allow 3 days from order for a courier delivery. Delivery is charged at cost $10 for 3kg box. Free with other items.

Pick up at Bindery use code CLICKANDCOLLECT to have free postage